Best Eyelash Glue Reviews


The simplest way to avoid such public humiliation? Invest in probably the best eyelash glue possible and make sure they stay put – all day – or maybe night – long.

So what should you look for in a comfortable eyelash adhesive? One that is long-lasting and strong, of course. But additionally, there are various other factors to think about.


In case you have got eyes that are very sensitive, you will have to make certain you purchase a glue that does not leave a burning sensation. Do you use contacts? It is best you shop for a latex free feature that will not irritate the peepers of yours.

It is also not a great idea to search out that old adhesive you purchased for that wedding 2 years ago – if the glue is actually past its sell by date the ingredients are able to separate and consequently be far less effective.


Scroll down for our roundup of probably the best eyelash glues that will keep your falsies fluttering – and in place – all night…

What’s probably the best drugstore eyelash glue?

In a world in which we are overwhelmed by Kardashian esque lashes, everybody wants thick and full lashes without the tell tale signs of falsies.

But just how do we get them to appear all natural without sticky glue and the gloopy peeping out from underneath?


There are a variety of amazing lash glues on the market which will do the job.

Better yet, continue reading to see a range of drugstore and luxury glues that will secure the lashes of yours to the lids of yours from dusk till dawn.

Is dark or clear eyelash glue better?

Clear lash glue is actually a staple for those of us that really like a coloured eyelid, or perhaps who would probably have blonde lashes naturally.

Just run it along the line of your falsies, let it sit, and place it on with no mess.

Black eyelash glue is much better for winged eyeliner fiends.

This stuff is going to blend right in with the eyeliner of yours.


1. Star Buy

 The Huda Beauty Lash Glue Dark Tone ticks all the boxes

The former beauty blogger soared to success when she released her first superior quality handmade false eyelash line under the Huda Beauty brand.

So it follows that she also knows a thing or perhaps 2 about how you can make them remain on for hours. Lash glue and the lashes of her are actually lauded by beauty insiders worldwide.

Why? First of all, the glue is actually dark so it blends seamlessly with the lashes of yours.

Second, it is absolutely waterproof so will not budge in case you blub at a wedding party.

Thirdly, it dries really quickly so you do not have the moment when you have got the lashes of yours in the ideal spot just for them to begin sliding around everywhere because the adhesive is still damp.

Finally, it is super strong so will not fail you halfway through the night.

That is all of the boxes truly and well ticked.

2. Best All Rounder Eyelash Adhesive

 The Duo Lash Clear Adhesive dries fast - perfect for when you're in a rush

The Duo Lash Clear Adhesive dries fast – ideal for when you are in a rushCredit: Spacenk This glue comes in an easy-to-use tube, ideal for novices. In case you are using specific lashes, simply squeeze a tiny amount onto a slice of foil and take advantage of tweezers to dip the knotted end of the lash in before applying.

Much more of a strip female? Cover the entire lash line of the falsies with a tiny quantity of adhesive before using with tweezers.

The glue dries rapidly and obvious, not white like a number of telltale adhesives, and also lasts for hours.

It is a fantastic purchase at a very good value. And it is ideal for eyes that are very sensitive.

3. Best Eyelash Glue For Contact Lenses

 The House of Lashes Lash Adhesive comes in a choice of clear or black tone

The House of Lashes Lash Adhesive comes in a choice of black or clear toneCredit: Beauty Bay In case contact lenses are worn by you, you have to protect the eyes of yours with a mild formula.

Purchasing a latex free glue is an excellent concept, and is also great for people who suffer with sensitivity. Nevertheless, do not care, your eyelash glue could be latex free also as high quality.

The House of Lashes adhesive is actually the best example. Not merely is it effective and strong, it also comes in a choice of black or clear tone, as well as has an easy application brush included.

The pretty packaging is an additional bonus.

4. Best Eyelash Adhesive For Individual Lashes

 Your lashes will stay on for weeks with the Ardell Lashtite

The lashes of yours are going to stay on for weeks with the Ardell LashtiteCredit: Beauty Bay While many eyelash glues are actually catered towards applying strip lashes in addition to specific lashes, some adhesives are actually developed specifically for people.

The reason? Individual lashes are much more fiddly to apply, and are usually likely to remain on for longer than a strip lash – and so a super strength glue is needed.

This eyelash glue is simply that -ultra-strong. And so powerful, in fact, it says the lashes of yours will remain on for weeks.

The truth is much more like one to 2 days, but that is still a high performing at home adhesive. It’s also available in black.

5. Best Eyelash Glue For Strip Lashes

 The Eylure Lashfix Latex Free Strip Lash Adhesive doesn't cause irritation to the eyesThe Eylure Lashfix Latex Free Strip Lash Adhesive does not cause irritation to the eyesCredit: Look Fantastic

OK, you are able to make use of most eyelash glues for strip lashes. But some adhesives are actually targeted specifically for that project, and Eylure is actually among the originals – and still among probably the best.

It finally has a latex free version, which has gotten rave reviews. It is fast to dry and go tacky (meaning simple sticking), lasts all day, as well as does not result in irritation like stinging or maybe watery eyes.


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